Cross Country Endorsement

The Cross Country Endorsement is where your fun in aviation begins! You already know how to fly a plane and have seen everything within the 25nm that your RPC allows you to. This course will teach you how to navigate an airplane using old fashioned maps, protractors and rulers and then finally modern day GPS which is standard in all our glass cockpit aircraft. Strap in and get ready for where your Cross Country Endorsement can take you, maybe the Birdsville Races or the Gold Coast for sunny holiday!

Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of your Cross Country Endorsement, you will be able to fly as pilot in command with one passenger in an RA Aus Registered Aircraft anywhere in Australia other than airspace which restricted. With this endorsement you will be able to fly into the sunset literally, plan a holiday away with a friend or family member and enjoy the real benefits of flying!

Your Syllabus of Flight Training will cover

  • Navigation Familiarisation

  • Navigation Flight 2

  • Navigation Flight 3

  • Navigation Flight 4

  • First Cross Country Solo

  • Pre-Licence Check

  • Navigation Flight Test

Your Syllabus of Navigation and Meteorology Theory will cover

  • 5x eLearning Flying Modules with quiz for each flying lesson

  • 4x eLearning Theory Modules with revision and Exam

  • Module Contains:

    • Practical Navigation and Familiarisation

    • Pre Flight Planning (Before day of flight)

    • Pre Flight Planning (Done on the day of flight)

    • In Flight Procedures

Pricing Structure

Total AUD7,725.00

Call us today to discuss payment options available!


Extra Ancillary fees (Approx.)
RA AUS membership (12 months) AUD258.50

ASIC Card AUD256.50

Medical (equivalent standard to holding an Australian Drivers Licence) AUD100.00

English Language Assessment AUD220.00

Additional Flying hours as required (all flight training is competency based)