GA Licence to RPC Conversion

Do you already hold an RPL, PPL, CPL or ATPL and want to fly a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)? Then this quick GA Licence to RPC conversion course is for you, as you already hold a licence and know how to fly an airplane it is simply becoming familiar with a Recreational Aviation aircraft and the regulation for flying a LSA. Come and join the RA AUS family where flying is fun, supportive and cheaper than GA registered aircraft!

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this short conversion course, you will be able to fly as pilot in command with one passenger an RA Aus Registered Aircraft. Remember even if you hold a CASA issued licence you are not insured to fly a RA Aus registered aircraft as pilot in command until you have passed your RPC Flight Test.

Your Syllabus of Flight Training will cover

  • RA Aus Aircraft Familiarisation

  • Airwork including Advanced Stalls, PFL and Precautionary Search

  • Circuit consolidation

  • First Area Solo

  • Pre-License Check

  • RPC Test

Your Syllabus of RPC Theory will cover

  • 4x eLearning Flying Modules with quiz for each flight lesson

  • 1x eLearning Theory Module with revision and Exam

  • Module Contains:

    • Human Factors Theory


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Extra Ancillary fees (Approx.)
RA AUS membership (12 months) AUD258.50

ASIC Card AUD256.50

Medical (equivalent standard to holding an Australian Drivers Licence) AUD100.00

English Language Assessment AUD220.00

Additional Flying hours as required (all flight training is competency based)