Do you already hold an RPL, PPL, CPL or ATPL and want to fly a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)? Then this quick GA Licence to RPC conversion course is for you, as you already hold a licence and know how to fly an airplane it is simply becoming familiar with a Recreational Aviation aircraft and the regulation for flying a LSA. Come and join the RA AUS family where flying is fun, supportive and cheaper then GA registered aircraft!

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this short conversion course, you will be able to fly as pilot in command with one passenger an RA Aus Registered Aircraft. Remember even if you hold a CASA issued licence you are not insured to fly a RA Aus registered aircraft as pilot in command until you have passed your RPC Flight Test.

Your Syllabus of Flight Training will cover 

  • RA Aus Aircraft Familiarisation

  • Airwork including Advanced Stalls, PFL and Precautionary Search

  • Circuit consolidation

  • First Area Solo

  • Pre-License Check

  • RPC Test

 Your Syllabus of RPC Theory will cover 

  • 4x eLearning Flying Modules with quiz for each flight lesson

  • 1x eLearning Theory Module with revision and Exam

  • Module Contains:

    • Human Factors Theory

Pricing AUD 2,660.00