Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK)Theory Course

Every pilot starts their study towards their certificate or licence by studying Basic Aeronautical Knowledge, whether you are just interested in how a plane fly’s or want to study towards your certificate before you commence your flying then this short course is for you!

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of your Basic Aeronautical Knowledge course you would have a meaningful understanding of how airplanes fly, how pilots communicate to Air Traffic Control and other pilots, what the different Aviation terms and Abbreviations which are used by pilots, the Rules and Procedures for flight and how the environment and weather can affect a flight and you as a pilot. After successfully completing the BAK exam you will be receiving a BAK completion certificate which is recognised by Recreational Aviation Australia.

Your Syllabus of the BAK Theory Course will cover

  • 1x eLearning BAK Theory Module with revision and Exam

Pricing Structure

1xeLearning Theory Modules AUD100.00

Bob Tait BAK Book AUD100.00

BAK Theory Exam AUD120.00

1x SFA BAK Completion Certificate Free


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Extra Ancillary fees (Approx.)
RA AUS membership (12 months) AUD258.50

ASIC Card AUD256.50

Medical (equivalent standard to holding an Australian Drivers Licence) AUD100.00

English Language Assessment AUD220.00

Additional Flying hours as required (all flight training is competency based)