Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) Theory Course

This theory course will give you all the understanding and knowledge required to hold a Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC). If you don’t have the time or are still saving up for flying lessons, then you can do this theory course at home and book your exams with SFA when you are ready! Then when you are ready, you can fast track your flying lessons so that all your theory exams are finished and you can focus on learning to fly!

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of your RPC Theory course, you will have met all theory requirements to receive a Recreational Pilot Certificate. You will acquire the knowledge of all theoretical components for flying an RA registered aircraft in Australian Airspace both safe and legally.

Your Syllabus of the BAK Theory Course will cover

  • 5x eLearning Theory Modules with revision and Exam

  • Modules contain:

    • Pre solo Theory

    • Flight Radio Operator Licence (FROL) Theory

    • Pre Area Solo Legislation Theory

    • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge Theory

    • Human Factors Theory

Pricing Structure

5x eLearning Theory Modules AUD500.00

Bob Tait BAK Book AUD100.00

Pre solo Theory Exam AUD70.00

Flight Radio Operator Licence Exam AUD70.00

Pre Area Solo Legislation Theory Exam AUD70.00

BAK Theory Exam AUD120.00

Human Factors Exam AUD70.00

1x SFA Completion Certificate Free


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Extra Ancillary fees (Approx.)
RA AUS membership (12 months) AUD258.50

ASIC Card AUD256.50

Medical (equivalent standard to holding an Australian Drivers Licence) AUD100.00

English Language Assessment AUD220.00

Additional Flying hours as required (all flight training is competency based)