Rotax 912 Familiarisation Course-Online

Have you been learning to fly or own a Rotax powered aircraft and want to learn about the engine that keeps you safe and in the air every time you fly? Then this course is for you:

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of your Rotax 912 Familiarisation course you will have a sound knowledge of the Rotax engine product range, how the Rotax 912 engines have developed since 1984 and become the extremely reliable engine they are today. You will learn how to conduct basic line maintenance and be able to understand all the major components of the Rotax 912 engine which are the most widely used aircraft engine for Recreational Aircraft in Australia.

Your Syllabus of the Rotax 912 Familiarisation course will cover

  • 3x eLearningRotax Theory Modules with revision and Exam

Pricing Structure

3x eLearning Rotax Theory Modules with revision and Exam AUD300.00

1x SFA Rotax 912 Familiarisation Certificate Free

Total AUD300.00

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